Convention & Veding Info

I specialize in vending at anime/gaming conventions but I've been stretching my wings out to explore the vast amount of opportunities my local art community has available in Pittsburgh, PA!

Below are examples of my displays and details about my experience.

Display Examples

Indoor Displays

My displays are ever changing with now new branding and different items and amount of items. The theme and layout has basically stayed the same but I've since upgraded my display to include lighter plastic cubes and photostand to accommodating more printed artwork.

Outdoor Displays

My layout changes heavily with location. I plan to have a slightly larger display in the future for outdoor events including a tent.

Detailed Information

  •  Tabling at conventions since 2008
  • Usually 1-3 conventions per year
  • Mainly Midwest conventions
  • Open to traveling
  • Previous conventions:
  • Anime Central (ACEN), Anime NYC, Anime Punch!, Colossalcon, IndyPOPcon, Katsucon, Matsuricon, Nyancon, Tekko, Youmacon
  • Balanced mix of original works and fanart
  • Original: LGBTQIA+ , birds, fantasy fashion
  • Fanart: video games, podcasts, anime, pop culture